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I thank you


My thanks to the INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel), which has been saving and recycling my videos in new formats since 2004.
My thanks to Mario Costa†, Michael Leruth, Derrick de Kerckhove, Pierre Moëglin, Annick Bureaud who accompanied me throughout this fascinating intellectual adventure.
My thanks to Alain Seban and Laurent Le Bon, both Presidents in turn of the Centre Pompidou, who supported me against institutional blindness, and were able to recognize before their own curators the intrinsic value of my work as an artist.
Thanks to Pierre Lévy, lifelong friend for his preface.

His work https://nft-archeology.org/ offered for sale for a sum of $69.3 million + $1 was the subject of a generous donation from the artist to the Centre Pompidou/MNAM-CCI.

Thanks to Dominique Roland Director of the Enghien-les-Bains Arts Center, who was the first to offer me my first major personal exhibition in Paris in 1913, that is to say... 55 years after my arrival in France.

Thanks to Gérard Diaconesco for his valuable help throughout my stay in Nice.
My thanks to Isabelle Lassignardie for her catalog raisonné 1963-2008 which she put together with great rigor. Thanks to François Soulages who has always supported my work.
Thank you to my wife and collaborator the artist Sophie Lavaud, to my son Adrien Forest and to the artist Manuela Manzini for their various and varied help…

Thanks to Françoise Friedrich, French gallery owner in Cologne.
Thanks to Borjan Zarevski and Ivana Samandova the authors of this video and many others about my work… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y-5b3VKqRM
Thanks to Nicolas Ratel from 6LAB for the design of the site and Caroline Melerski for the graphics.
Thanks again to Adrien my son for this introductory interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyyU_RGgKLk as well as for the many other interviews and videos and his involvement in the Zoom with New York for the opening of this exhibition at the Centre Pompidou.

All documents, texts, photos and videos on this site are copyright Fred Forest/ADAGP, INA or DR. When videos are missing from the various actions presented, it is because they have been damaged or lost.


Thanks to the many people who, in different capacities and at different levels, have supported me in carrying out this work throughout my existence... and without whom this site would not be displayed before your eyes today.

They are named here out of order, without chronological, alphabetical or importance order.
I've probably forgotten a lot of them, don't let them blame me, at my age memory is fragile...

Ferdinand Corte†, Pierre Restany†, Adrien Forest, Vilém Flusser†, Sophie Lavaud, Manuela Manzini, Gérard Diaconesco, Ivana Samandova, Borjan Zarevski, Gilbert Dutertre, Derrick de Kerckhove, Elke Panten, Katy Legendre, Harout Bezdjian, Harald Szeemann†, Jean-Noël Laszlo, Jean-Guillaume Leroux, Mario Costa†, Martial Verdier, Marie-Laure Desjardins, Michael Leruth, Pierre Lévy, Edgar Morin, Pierre Moëglin, Anne Moëglin-Delcroix, Pierre-Elie Coursac, Jean Deveze†, Annick Bureaud, Alain Seban, Laurent Le Bon, Bruno Racine, Ruth Erickson, Maud Jacquin, Miguel Chevalier, Alain Snyers, Françoise Friedrich, Christian Depardieu, Stéphane Mortier, Christiane et Eric Germain, Olivier Morane†, Dominique Roland, Arcelina Publio Dias, Walter Zanini†, Bernard Teyssèdre†, Luc Ferrari†, Natan Karczmar, Philippe Vacheyrout†, Christophe Pouilly, René Berger†, Noé Salem, Catherine Millet, Emmanuel Den, Louis-José Lestocart, Christian Valezy, Frank Popper†, Vinton Cerf, Marshall McLuhan†, Maurice Benayoun, Priscilla Arantes, Pierre Landolt, Yann Minh, Linda Rolland, Osvaldo Romberg, Juan Puntes, Robert C. Morgan, Tilman Baumgarten, Frédéric Srour, Marie-Paule Feiereisen, Paul Ardenne, Jean-Jacques Gay, Charlotte Trivini, Pierre-Arnaud Doucède, Stéphane Chollet†, Jean Devèze†, Alex Mittereguer†, Wafa Bourkhis, Laurent Taulera, Jacques Monnier-Raball, Umberto Pato, Yves Larocque, Stéphanie Jeanjean, Fréderic Jean, Guy Lozac’h†, Gordon Swan†, Patrick Bernard, Gilbertto Prado, Marcel Marette, Ricardo Mbarko, Marylène Goruchon, René Perol, Gustave Bernier, Cathy Legendre, Ysabelle Faure, Antoine Crevon dit Le jardinier, Olivier Sauvy, Valérie Boulanger-Reichmann, Guillaume Horen, Stéphane Barron, Pierre de Beylié, José Bueno†, Victor Le, François Pluchart†, Jean Duvignaud, Abraham Moles, Henry Raynal, Michel Lancelot†, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Germaine Soleil†, Jacques Jeannet†, Egidio Alvaro†, Barthélemy, Roland Mihail†, Jorge Glusberg†, Olle Granath, Arnold Kohler, Rinaldo Bianda†, Nestor Garcia Canclini, Jean-Louis Pradel, Jules Gritti, Sylvie Dupuis, Pierre Cabane, André Parinaud, Amine Haase, Liselotte Pappenburg, Liliane Tiberi, Chriss†, Paula Jacques, José Artur†, Michel Guerin, Myriam Boutoulle, Harry Bellet, Philippe Dupuy, Denis Payen, Pierre Descargues, Aracy Amaral, Patrick Collandre, Jackie-Ruth Meyer†, Serge Tisseron, François Carton, François Soulages, Christine Le Pivert†, Georgette Sanchez, Jean Sorrentino, Georges Rodriguez, Jules Gritt†, Enrico Fulginoni†, Danielle Flayeux, Edmond Couchot†, Stéphane Rona†, Mme Rona mère†, Robert Stéphane†, Igor Fouletier-Baloste, Françoise Schmitt, Dominique Dardel, Pascal Dombis, Titus Aguigah, Christiane Paul, Pierre Berger†, Michel Gonzales, Evelyne Rogue, Enrico Pedrini†, Rose-Marie Barrientos, Joaquin Keller Gonzales, Jean-Claude Anglade, Eric Maillet, Bruno Herbelin, François Rabaté, Maurice Achard, Gabriel Borba Filho, Sandra Rey, Suzette Venturelli, Laura Baigorri, Norbert Hillaire, Bruno Diaconesco, Yvana Bentes, Machiko Kusahara, Fernando Velasquez, Roger F. Malina, Nathalie Anglès, Massimo Pica Camara, Jean-Baptiste Pontecorvo, Silvana Lorenz, Vivian Puxan, Didier Rochereau†, Eric Sagalovitsch, Pietro del Pezzo, Clément Thibault, Baruch Gottlieb, Michèle Robine, Christine Labbé, Olivier Morane†, Jean-Luc Faure, Karen O’Rourke, Aaron Lévy, Nathalie Graham, Gisele Kozak, Uschi Wilms, Anne Marie Duguet, José Amatulli, Gianturco, Jean-Louis Pradel †, Denis Muzet, Louis Bec †, Elisabeth Moles, Milton Sogabe Terumitsu, Fabio Duarte, Daniela Bousso, Martin Langlois, Xavier Rey, Philippe Bettinelli, Rossella Cillani, Nicolas Ballet, Cécile Carpena†, Claude Salis …


Fred Forest has a special place in contemporary art. Both by his personality and by his pioneering practices which mark his work. He is mainly known today for having used one by one most of the communication media that have appeared over the last fifty years. He is co-founder of three artistic movements: those of sociological art, the aesthetics of communication and ethics in art.

He represented France at the 12th São Paulo Biennale (Communication Prize) in 1973, at the 37th Venice Biennale in 1976 and at Documenta 6 in Kassel in 1977.